Saturday, February 26, 2011

less than perfect- sometimes

Looking at a westerner, most people are completely sure that our financial resources are endless because everybody from Europe is rich, right? Well, compared to the average Indian it is true; our money is worth more and we usually earn much more but does this justify the practice of asking between 5-10 times higher payments from us? This can be annoying and a saddening experience- it makes you feel people don´t really see you, they see the money they can make with you. On the other hand it´s understandable, everybody wants to survive and besides, the world – sometimes even our own soul - is a place of greediness.
The unwritten laws of culture can also be quite annoying. Why, for heaven´s sake, is it such a problem for women to show a piece of leg while it´s totally okay to show your big belly? Why do I have to wear this much when it´s so hot that I would prefer to walk around naked? Of course women are not supposed to smoke, drink or walk around after dark, while men can do all these things and more. I wonder if women actually have any identity at all apart from being married and having kids. I remember one situation where, after trying to explain for about 10 minutes why I don´t have children, I finally shouted in both Englisch and Tamil „I don´t want!“. I have wondered if I shouldn´t simply invent some phantasy kids to stop this. In spite of it all I still really enjoy being here and each day is special! Thanks Lord, for everything!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Mal sehen ob´s funktioniert...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bathroom Experiences

Well, so far I´ve had quite some company in my bathroom. From cockroaches in various sizes to spiders, lizards, frogs and ants. I do like the lizards and I still wonder about the frog; how did he make it up here? The most horrendous experience I had yesterday night though, when all of a sudden thousands of ants- I am not exaggerating!- came out of different places around the window, out of the cracks in the wall, out of the electricity switch... This was really wild!!! I was burning different things because the smoke drove them away. Today there are no ants. Wonder what will come next.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

India- Thoughts and Experiences

Yes indeed, India is amazing!
Amazingly colorful, beautiful, noisy and dirty. After I´ve been here now for almost a month, the thing that strikes me most is the experience of contrast. You read about this in books, so one is somewhat prepared but still, to experience it is altogether different. One contrast that strikes me again and again is the one between country and city. Travelling through the country-side, the landscape is of a breath-taking beauty. It is so beautiful, that it brings tears to my eyes. As soon as you get close to a city though the beauty abruptly ends and what you see is garbage and dirt. Passing by a river makes you feel sick because of the smell. In the midst of all the garbage there are animals: Cows, pigs, dogs, cats... The way Indian women dress is another experience of colour and beauty but the houses, shops and even restaurants are in a sad state, often with little sense for an outward attractivity. More contrasts are to be found in the technical realm. Up-to-date mobile phones and internet next to someone who irons clothes by using an ancient iron which is filled with hot coals. And I simply can not get used to the sudden appearance of cows in the middle of traffic or in front of a shop, or somewhere you simply would not expect them to be. The greatest experience are the people I´ve met! Even complete strangers have been so incredibly open, helpful, and of an overwhelming hospitality... amazing India! I´m thankful for the time I´ve had here so far.