Friday, January 6, 2012

The Traveller-Between-Worlds

there is a realm...
travelling by the speed of energy, no borders, no walls
nothing is hidden, all is felt
traveller between worlds, where does he belong?
...time ceased to tick and began to flow until it washed over him,
a depth of dimension, more real than time itself
the vision crystal clear, deeply involved, touched to the core
traveller between worlds, he´s longing for more

what´s the matter traveller-between-worlds, he asked.
"I just fell from one world into another from a place of perfection, a fall that made my heart burst into pieces."
I see the pieces like small mirrors, he said, I see reflections in them of people and of the other world and of yourself.
"Brokeness is all I see" said the traveller-between-worlds, "brokeness, is all I feel, brokeness must be the name of this world. I hope I can gather up the pieces, soon to be on my journey again."

where have you been, traveller-between-worlds?, he asked, perceiving he must have been on some interesting journey.
"I went to mysterious places of past and of present, to places of most intimate communion and struggle. To the place of a wide-open heart and from there to a heart in battle, a whirl-wind of emotions; fear, anger, desire... but I can´t say more now, as I got to be on my way."

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I just want to say that I have met some incredible people here. Some have become like family- a home away from home. I am very thankful for these friends and the time I can spend with them. Why is it that certain people convey this acceptance, a feeling that you can totally be yourself? This is not only a Christian quality, even though it should be; so how do you become a people-lover?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

less than perfect- sometimes

Looking at a westerner, most people are completely sure that our financial resources are endless because everybody from Europe is rich, right? Well, compared to the average Indian it is true; our money is worth more and we usually earn much more but does this justify the practice of asking between 5-10 times higher payments from us? This can be annoying and a saddening experience- it makes you feel people don´t really see you, they see the money they can make with you. On the other hand it´s understandable, everybody wants to survive and besides, the world – sometimes even our own soul - is a place of greediness.
The unwritten laws of culture can also be quite annoying. Why, for heaven´s sake, is it such a problem for women to show a piece of leg while it´s totally okay to show your big belly? Why do I have to wear this much when it´s so hot that I would prefer to walk around naked? Of course women are not supposed to smoke, drink or walk around after dark, while men can do all these things and more. I wonder if women actually have any identity at all apart from being married and having kids. I remember one situation where, after trying to explain for about 10 minutes why I don´t have children, I finally shouted in both Englisch and Tamil „I don´t want!“. I have wondered if I shouldn´t simply invent some phantasy kids to stop this. In spite of it all I still really enjoy being here and each day is special! Thanks Lord, for everything!