Saturday, February 26, 2011

less than perfect- sometimes

Looking at a westerner, most people are completely sure that our financial resources are endless because everybody from Europe is rich, right? Well, compared to the average Indian it is true; our money is worth more and we usually earn much more but does this justify the practice of asking between 5-10 times higher payments from us? This can be annoying and a saddening experience- it makes you feel people don´t really see you, they see the money they can make with you. On the other hand it´s understandable, everybody wants to survive and besides, the world – sometimes even our own soul - is a place of greediness.
The unwritten laws of culture can also be quite annoying. Why, for heaven´s sake, is it such a problem for women to show a piece of leg while it´s totally okay to show your big belly? Why do I have to wear this much when it´s so hot that I would prefer to walk around naked? Of course women are not supposed to smoke, drink or walk around after dark, while men can do all these things and more. I wonder if women actually have any identity at all apart from being married and having kids. I remember one situation where, after trying to explain for about 10 minutes why I don´t have children, I finally shouted in both Englisch and Tamil „I don´t want!“. I have wondered if I shouldn´t simply invent some phantasy kids to stop this. In spite of it all I still really enjoy being here and each day is special! Thanks Lord, for everything!

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