Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Speaking inTongues

I just can´t get over it. Recently I bought a CD by Lisa Gerrard. I remember when I first heard her music I really liked it and found it very moving. It was deep and emotional and different from all the wishy-washy stuff that´s playing on the radio. So I found out that she is singing in an unknown language of her own and that she has won quite a number of prices. Very interesting indeed!
Here are the charismatics trying to explain, why speaking and singing in unknown languages is biblical and right and having to justify themselves before other denominations as to why they do this without an interpreter present and so on...not daring to do this in a public setting with unbelievers present...and there is this lady, who absolutely doesn´t care about what others might think or say and who doesn´t give interpretations, nor explanations for her singing in an unknown tongue. AND her music is heard and appreciated by millions.
Check out the Link and read the informations.