Thursday, June 10, 2010

The TV Church

Imagine being the leader of a Church. One old Lady comes to you and says: "The music is too loud, if you don´t change it, I will leave." Right after that a young guy comes up saying: "The music isn´t loud enough, if this doesn´t change, I´ll leave." What will you do? Try to find a middle way? Have one service for the old and one for the young? Teach on tolerance?
I think attitude of heart matters in all of us, when it comes to these questions.
We can zap ourselves through the different styles of Church services until we find a program we like, with an attitude that says: I am in control. I decide what I like. I can zap through the channels or turn the program off, whenever I want to. But the body of Christ, no matter which "style" is preferred locally, is not a TV show. And the ultimate control is with God. What does He want me to turn on or off?
The old Lady and the youg guy... can they come together in a spirit of love and put personal preference under God´s greater goal of fellowship?